Who controls the interview: You or the reporter? – MSM #007

At a media training session I was conducting a few weeks ago, a debate emerged over the question of who’s in control in an interview. One man said the reporter is holding the reins, as he or she is guiding the interview through a series of questions. But a couple other people disagreed, asserting that […]

Three things to know about reporter deadlines – MSM #006

Reporters are always on deadline, often for multiple stories. As we discussed in Episode 1, this deadline pressure has only increased in recent years as a result of shrinking newsrooms. Gone are the days when one reporter is producing one story for one TV station. Today’s reality involves reporters in most markets juggling several stories […]

Olbermann and McDonald find the wrong words – MSM #005

Last week, our focus was on choosing the right words to use in public and in interviews. The days that followed provided several real-life examples of people who – to say the very least – chose to do otherwise. When the words we use end up offending people, that can result in significant backlash, and […]

Watch your language – MSM #004

This episode is devoted to the words we choose to use – on the fly – during interviews. Ultimately, those words will determine whether we connect with the audience…or shoot and miss. When you’re listening to someone talk and they use a word or concept that’s new to you, you can stop them and ask […]

Curbing the pre-interview jitters – MSM #003

Whether it’s doing an interview, delivering a presentation or giving a toast, speaking to groups of people can trigger anxiety. Before you let the pre-interview jitters get the best of you, take a deep breath, kick back and listen to this edition of MediaSmart: The Media Training Podcast. One of the best ways to build […]

Boiling it all down to talking points – MSM #002

“Why did he pick THAT sound bite?” That’s a common refrain after a story airs and the source is left scratching his head, wondering why the best parts of that 45-minute interview didn’t make the one-minute TV package. It’s tempting to give a reporter all of the information she needs – and much more! Yet […]

To do (or not do) the interview – MSM #001

When a reporter asks to interview you, you’re certainly not obligated to say yes. But before you blow off the phone call and move on, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons of moving forward with the interview – and with saying no. Today’s inaugural edition of MediaSmart: The Media Training Podcast will help you […]