Drafting a crisis communications plan, with Melissa Agnes — MSM #037

Organizations with crisis management plans are ready to communicate effectively when the unexpected happens. Yet the work involved with developing such a plan can be daunting, causing many organizations to make the unfortunate decision to fly without one. In this episode, we hear from Melissa Agnes, an international crisis management keynote speaker and consultant. She […]

(E)mailing in the interview — MSM #036

We’ve talked previously about how and when to “phone in” a media interview. This episode is about mailing it in – more specifically, emailing your responses to a reporter. As with all interview approaches, it comes with both benefits and drawbacks. While connecting with the reporter in person or by phone is typically preferable, it’s […]

Five ways to strike a balance in your next interview — MSM #035

At risk of waxing overly philosophical, so much in life is about striking a balance. So, too, are media interviews. Whether you’re on TV, on the radio or being interviewed for an article, many of the keys to effectively communicating your key messages boil down to a balance in several key areas, including: How you […]

The problem with declaring war on journalists — MSM #034

Sometimes, taking a stand against a journalist is justified. But sometimes it’s not, and amounts to an ethical misstep or even breaking the law. In this episode, we look at four examples ripped from recent headlines: Donald Trump’s war with Megyn Kelly of Fox News How a confrontation with a reporter led to charges against […]

Giving a great phone interview — MSM #030

Being face-to-face with a journalist is always best, but sometimes, it’s just not possible. That’s when a phone interview may be an option. If you end up “phoning it in,” make sure it’s not by cell or speakerphone, if you can avoid it. The fact you can’t see the reporter will affect the discussion – […]

Doing great on TV, with TJ Walker — MSM #029

There’s so much to remember when you’re on camera giving an interview. We covered some of it back on previous episodes – but this week, we put it all together with MediaSmart’s first-ever guest, TJ Walker. Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting media training workshops and seminars since 1984. […]

When your spokesperson screws up — MSM #028

Media interviews can lead to great things – except for when they don’t. Even a well-prepared spokesperson can have an off-day or be caught off-guard by a couple questions, perhaps causing them to panic and clam up live on camera. Or maybe he gave answers that he thought were 40 seconds each, when in fact […]