When a reporter screws up – MSM #011

As reporters are human – as are most editors – they’re bound to make mistakes. These could range from the relatively minor glitch to a royal screw-up that amounts to the journalistic equivalent of the Titanic. They might include:

  • Messing up your name, title or institution
  • Fuzzy math
  • Facts presented out of context
  • “Facts” that are completely wrong
  • An error of omission
  • A reporter with an agenda, or preconceived story

Regardless of the error, it’s important to be kind when noting it to the reporter, realizing it was most likely an accident. Believe it or not, most journalists want to get the story right and therefore want to know when they fell short of that goal.

In this week’s episode, we walk through the best ways to approach a reporter about his “oops” – and how you can land a correction without even asking for one.

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