Five reporter ‘tricks’ to watch out for – MSM #012

In an interview, a journalist’s chief goal is to obtain information – and some reporters are willing to employ some slick tactics to get what they want. They include: Pretending to take your side on an especially divisive issue to entice you into doing the interview – and possibly let your guard down. Starting with […]

When a reporter screws up – MSM #011

As reporters are human – as are most editors – they’re bound to make mistakes. These could range from the relatively minor glitch to a royal screw-up that amounts to the journalistic equivalent of the Titanic. They might include: Messing up your name, title or institution Fuzzy math Facts presented out of context “Facts” that […]

Can the media be trusted? – MSM #010

We talked in earlier episodes about earning a journalist’s trust by being a dependable, ethical source of information. But you want to work with reporters whom you can trust, right? After all, trust is a two-way street in the reporter-source relationship. There have been some glaring examples recently of media behaving badly, and I bet […]

Three tips for pitching your story to a reporter – MSM #009

Some public relations professionals spend most or all of their time pitching stories to the media – that is, trying to convince reporters to cover their organizations. As a result, some PR people make it seem as though pitching a journalist is like playing with gasoline near a fire, or something that should only be […]