Robert Durst learns the mic is always listening – MSM #008

Though it took place well over two decades ago, I’ll never forget the high school musical rehearsal when my friend Tom – the lead – walked into an off-stage bathroom while wearing his wireless microphone. The audio engineer was apparently asleep at the switch, as we all then heard Tom “do his business” loud and […]

Who controls the interview: You or the reporter? – MSM #007

At a media training session I was conducting a few weeks ago, a debate emerged over the question of who’s in control in an interview. One man said the reporter is holding the reins, as he or she is guiding the interview through a series of questions. But a couple other people disagreed, asserting that […]

Three things to know about reporter deadlines – MSM #006

Reporters are always on deadline, often for multiple stories. As we discussed in Episode 1, this deadline pressure has only increased in recent years as a result of shrinking newsrooms. Gone are the days when one reporter is producing one story for one TV station. Today’s reality involves reporters in most markets juggling several stories […]

Olbermann and McDonald find the wrong words – MSM #005

Last week, our focus was on choosing the right words to use in public and in interviews. The days that followed provided several real-life examples of people who – to say the very least – chose to do otherwise. When the words we use end up offending people, that can result in significant backlash, and […]