Five ways to make a journalist’s job easier — MSM #047

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about whether the media is good or evil. For purposes of our work as people who thrive through a symbiotic relationship with journalists, we’re going to focus this week on how you can make their jobs easier. For the most part, reporters are stretched thin, and have less […]

Simplifying complicated stuff — MSM #046

When working with the media, your main goal is to convey your message effectively. That seems simple enough – but it’s a tall task when you need to translate lots of complicated information for a general audience. Researchers, economists, computer programmers and many others live in a world of complex data. This week, we discuss […]

Anticipating a reporter’s questions — MSM #045

As with so much else, preparation is key before walking into a media interview or facing journalists at a news conferece. And a key part of that preparation is anticipating likely questions. This means preparing for the tough ones – not just the “softballs” – and questions that delve into details not covered by the news release. […]

Knowing your audience — MSM #044

It’s easy to think that your job in a media interview is to impart your wisdom and facts upon the reporter, and as long as he or she nods, smiles and takes a few notes, you’ve accomplished your mission. But ultimately, it’s important to speak in a way that connects with your audience – that […]

Who needs the media? — MSM #043

The media has taken a beating lately, especially in the presidential election. Depending on whom you ask, TV and radio stations and newspapers are somewhere between untrustworthy and completely irrelevant. All of this talk may have you wondering whether it’s even worth giving journalists the time of day. Why not just promote your organization through […]

Three interview distractions to avoid — MSM #042

The opposite of connecting with your audience is distracting them. In this episode, we discuss three distractions that can kill your message – and ways to avoid each of them. They include: Dressing to distract Use of filler words Poor eye contact Click the ‘Play’ button to hear Episode 42 of MediaSmart! Play in […]

The role of a PR pro in an interview — MSM #041

According to some, PR pros should be seen but not heard in media interviews. Others insist they should stay completely away from the interview in the first place. Then, there’s the crisis comms consultant for former Baylor University Chancellor and President Ken Starr, who became part of the story when she injected herself into an […]

So, what’s news? — MSM #040

Before you pitch your story to a journalist, it’s helpful to think through the criteria he or she will use when deciding whether your story is “news.” To be sure, the equation will vary depending on the reporter, the news outlet, when you’re calling and even what else is happening that day. To some extent, […]

Five ways to boost your pre-interview confidence — MSM #039

Mark Twain once said: “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” On this episode, we discuss how one of these can help you do great interviews. (Hint: It’s not ignorance.) When conducting media training sessions, I’ve noticed a cloud of uncertainty sometimes hangs in the room – […]

Five considerations around banning journalists — MSM #038

Back on Episode 34, we addressed some timely headlines that involved people in the limelight declaring war on the media. This week, we revisit the topic to focus on a very specific battle in that war: banning journalists. From Donald Trump’s official revocation of the Washington Post’s press credentials to a similar move by the […]